Edwards Syndrome

This is my understanding of Edward Syndrome ( Trisomy 18) I can only tell you what it meant to us as a family and how it affected Tabitha. I have included this page on our charities web site for information only. I hope it helps us understand very special children and helps any one who has come in contact with this or a similar problem.This syndrome is very rare only a few babies who are born survive beyond few months. Tabitha was one of these rare babies who survived until she was 3 years old.

Tabitha had full Edward Syndrome, this meant that she has an extra chromosome on each of her 23 pairs. It meant that she had some facial defects her ears were too far down on her head, her little fingers crossed over each other, she could not feed, she was very small all of her life, she had very little muscle and head control, she had a large heart defect and would often stop breathing.


Although Tabitha struggled all of her short life we made every day count. She experience all we could give her, she had 24 – 7 care, she had her own sensory room at home, we took her on holidays and gave her all the love we had. She had a full little life and we had the most beautiful loving child I could ever have wished for. If you or any one you know needs to talk about a pregnancy or child with Edwards Syndrome I will always do my best to help. There is a special charity in the UK called SOFT UK  they have the most up to date knowledge and help for this syndrome.

tabi boat4On Holiday in Canada